Local Activities

Local Activities near Trail Lake View

Below is a list of local activities near Trail Lake View in Moose Pass, Alaska. Local activities include fabulous Glacier and Wildlife Flight Tours, Spectacular Photography Flights, Fantastic Fly-in Fishing Trips, Charters to Remote Wilderness Cabins and Charters to other Alaska Locations.

Floatplane Flightseeing Tour Alaska

Flight-seeing Tours

From Trail Lake beauty is at your fingertips with the best FLIGHT-seeing tours in Alaska.

Experience Alaska from above with Scenic Tours and Air Charters. Ranging from 30 to 90 minutes, see the beauty of Alaska.

Fly in fishing in Alaska

Fly-in Fishing

Some of the best lake fishing in the world is found in remote lakes of Alaska, and “fly-in” fishing is the quickest way to get there.

Fly-in fishing charters can are available a few miles from Trail Lake View Cottage.

Trail Lake Airplane Dock - Float Ratings

Float Plane Ratings

Trail Lake is the headquarters for our world famous Alaska Back Country flight training school, Alaska Float Ratings.

If you're a pilot looking for an adventure, you've found the best place for it!

Alaska Things To Do

Alaska Things To Do

One of the best resources for Things To Do in Alaska is Alaska.org.

Everything you find on Alaska.org comes from those who have experienced it first-hand.
From a small community of locals born in Alaska, and those who have adopted Alaska as their home in search of something more — something untouched and free.